Teens and Tweens

Young adults will find just about everything they're looking for here. From sports to amusement parks, and from drama to marching band, your teens will find plenty of fun around every corner!

Six Flags Elitch Gardens amusement park offers thrilling rides and a water park. Water World keeps the kids cool with water slides, wave pools and general water fun. Of course, don't overlook the malls...area kids love to spend hours shopping, catching a movie or just talking over a burger and soda.

Football, basketball, track, swimming, volleyball, soccer, and hockey...the list goes on. Whatever athletic endeavor your youth currently enjoys, they are sure to find it here. Our prep teams enjoy excellent reputations and receive a high level of attention from college recruiters. Of course, what would sports teams be without the people who support them? Cheerleading, color guard, and award-winning marching bands are available too!

Trying to find a favorite club or activity? Chances are good your new school has a chapter established. From Spanish Club to National Honor Society, your youth will be able to "pick up where they left off". The secret to a successful move is helping them to meet people their own age with similar interests as quickly as possible.

Young people typically make friends easily here. With all of the activities available, it's simply a matter of getting involved. Encourage your youth to accept what is different here with a "spirit of adventure" and they will settle into their new lifestyle quickly and successfully.

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